Drikus Botha - Founder of Bargainey

Millions of people have lost their jobs and incomes due to Covid-19. Our goal is tho help them bring their business ideas to life using the internet in the easiest, most affordable way possible.

We believe nobody should have to pay extra for quality products and service! 

Drikus Botha – Founder Bargainey

Below Are Just Some Businesses You Can Create With Bargainey

run your own membership site

Do you dream of running your own recurring income website? You can with Bargainey!

Run your own e-commerce store

It doesn't matter if you own a restaurant, auto-dealership, estate agency or little green men from Mars. We have a store for you!

Sell online courses

Everything is included if you want to create and sell online courses!

Sell your own e-books

Become an e-book author and sell your e-books on your own stylish author website. Be professional and get paid like professional!

Create your own blog

All the tools and themes are included for you to create your own stunning blog within hours!

Run your own dropshipping store

Dropshipping is currently a very popular business model. Create your own dropshipping store!

One price includes all!

We charge you one price and this include everything you need to run your business. The only time you will pay extra is when you need something on your website from a third party and then you will pay them for it.

For example if you want to use an email service provider like Aweber we will provide the tools to integrate that service into your website but you will have to pay them for the service they provide.

Most people won’t have to pay anything other than our monthly fee because we provide most tools that you need to run your website.


Per month

50% Off

(Limited Time Offer!)

  • Free Website Templates To Create A Stunning Website Within Minutes With A Click Of A Button
  • Create A Membership Website Where You Charge People On A Monthly Basis
  • Create Online Courses And Get Students To Subscribe To Your Online Course Website
  • Create Your Own E-Books And Sell Them On Your Author Website
  • Create An E-Commerce Brand Store Where You Can Literally Sell Hundreds Of Products
  • Create Your Own Blog And Earn Money As A Full Or Part-Time Blogger
  • Create A Dropshipping Store By Integrating With One Of The Popular Dropshipping Services
  • Free Payfast, Paypal And Most Popular Payment Integration
  • Free Daily Backups Of Your Website In Case Something Goes Wrong
  • Free SSL Certificate To Let The Browsers Know Your Website Is Safe
  • Free Training Videos Showing You How To Create Different Kinds Of Websites And Integrating Third Party Services

We Use Astra And Elemementor To Give You Blazing Fast Performance

Below is a video from an independent third-party reviewer who did test to see how Astra and Elementor perform. This reviewer has absolutely no affiliation with Bargainey meaning we did not pay him or ask him to make this video with our best interest at heart.

Frequently asked questions

Bargainey uses WordPress and we are continuously adding plugins and templates to help you build basically anything you need. At the moment you can build membership sites, e-commerce stores, online coaching sites with courses, blogs, e-book author sites and even dropshipping sites. 

We charge one monthly price that includes everything that we offer. We will never charge you extra for something that we offer. The only time you will pay extra is when you want to install a third-party plugin or service. We will help you integrate that service into your website for free but you still have to pay the third-party provider.

We know our websites can compare with most popular services available on the market today. We believe you should not have to pay extra for quality service. The best way is to try us out for yourself and then you can decide for yourself if this is a bargain (Bargainey) or not!

We use the Astra theme and Elementor page builder to make sure your website always shows perfectly on all devices.

We use Siteground cloud servers that auto-scale to make sure all our websites perform at its best all the time.

We keep daily back-ups of all our websites. This could help you in the unfortunate event of something happening with your website.

We have a simple way of operating. When you stop paying, we de-activate your website. You don’t have to cancel with us. You can just stop paying and we will get the message.

Our job is to make sure your website stay in tip top working condition. Your job is to do all the marketing and everything that goes with running a business. You are in full control of your website.

We offer a free domain mapping service. You can point any domain to your website which means you can use your own domain if you don’t want to use our Bargainey domain.

We have found that valuable server speed are wasted by spammers who create free websites to use it for spamming. Our goal is to give our customers the best possible server speeds and that’s why we have our 100% money-back guarantee in place. We would rather give back your money if you are not satisfied within your first 30 days. This way the rest of our customers always get the best possble performance.

Over 100 Ready Made Templates to choose from

Just click on the image below to view real examples

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We are so confident with our service that we give you our 100% money-back guarantee. We will give back all your money if you register and you feel that we are not providing what we promise in your first 30 days.

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